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Aspire MFO
Aspire Multi-Family Office logo, a rondel in white on a blue background, enclosing two lines converging at the right to create an arrow shape, and also suggesting the letter A on its side or a bird taking flight
Image: Ragetree
A new identity and website for Aspire, a Hong Kong based multi-family office. The brief was for a new identity for the company and a website that would provide an introduction to its family office services.
Aspire Multi-Family Office Limited
Hong Kong

As a new member of the Asia Pacific group Aspire focuses on wealth management and family office operations. The new identity needed to covey solidity and reliability, but also the capacity for dynamic thinking and a willingness to explore less conventional investment options. The rondel logo, enclosing two converging lines to create an arrow shape, is also suggestive the letter ‘A’ and a bird taking flight.

The website’s specifications and design are in line with others in the group, and also built with Astro front-end framework. Fully responsive, it adapts across a range of devices and screen sizes. The site is built with a modular structure, allowing for easy updates and additions to the content.

Aspire Multi-Family Office
  1. Rondel and Logotype horizontal lockup
  2. Website content page with hero, section navigation and recent news feed
  3. Website front page

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