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Taeping wordmark logo on a background of a painting by Montague Dawson, Chinese Port — Morning Departures, of a clipper ship in a Chinese port with a blue sky and mountains in the background
Image: Montague Dawson, "Chinese Port — Morning Departures"
Brand and identity for a Hong Kong-based corporate finance and consulting company.
Taeping Limited
Hong Kong
Taeping wordmark logo in red on a white background with giluoches and a vertical red band on the right
Taeping identity
  1. Wordmark and Chinese characters horizontal lockup
  2. Detail from ‘A Chinese Junk’, George Chinnery, 1774-1852
  3. Card
Detail from 'A Chinese Junk', undated, George Chinnery, 1774-1852. Graphite and pen and brown ink on medium slightly textured beige wove paper.
Taeping business card obverse face