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Weir & Associates
A collection of mobile screens from new Weir & Associates website, arranged tiled on an angle with the top towards the upper right.
Image: Ragetee
New website for Weir & Associates, a Hong Kong law firm. The previous site was dated and not responsive, and in need of a refresh. It was completely rebuilt on a modern front-end framework and deployed to a distributed cloud platform.
Weir & Associates
Hong Kong

The previous website was built with Wordpress, and had significant design and performance issues. Badly in need of an overall refresh, a replacement also had to handle image optimization. The site was completely rebuilt, with updated content and a new design based on a the Astro front-end framework. Astro was selected as the best front-end option, as it allowed for the rapid development and also has good built-in image optimization.

Weir & Associates
  1. Website front page
  2. Responsive mobile site
  3. Website Insights magazine content page
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